Operation Carnival: ANAC reinforces surveillance

19/02/2015 - Postado por: vitsolo

Brasilia, February 10, 2015 - The National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) intensify the activities in major airports from tomorrow (11/02) and until the day February 20, 2015, strengthening the supervision and services passenger information. In this period, are provided for 1200 extra flights. ANAC will mobilize 120 servers, and civil aviation inspectors and technicians, to work these days, according to the demand characteristics of the eight busiest airports flow.

The airports of Brasília, Guarulhos and Galeão will strengthen surveillance 24 hours a day. The other airports that are part of the operation (Santos Dumont, Congonhas, Viracopos, Salvador and Recife) will increase inspectors in the days and peak hours.
The focus of supervision will be the fulfillment of Resolution no. 141/2010 by the companies, which included the main rights of passengers. As in other periods of high season, ANAC guides to companies not to practice overbooking, the book extra aircraft and to adopt other measures of their contingency plans in order to maintain the regularity of transactions.

Carnival operation – including Airports

• Galeão and Santos Dumont – Rio de Janeiro / RJ
• Congonhas, Guarulhos and Viracopos – São Paulo / SP
• Brasília – Federal District
• Salvador – Salvador / BA
• Recife – Pernambuco / PE

Passenger rights

The FAA states that, by Resolution. 141/2010, it is the duty of the company to inform passengers of delays and flight cancellations and why. In addition, the company must offer ease of communication (phone call, internet and others) for delays of more than one (1) hour; adequate food for delays of more than two (2) hours, and accommodation in a suitable place, transfer and, when necessary, hosting service, for delays of more than four (4) hours. In cases of infringement of passenger in exchange for lower capacity aircraft, the carrier should look for passengers who volunteer to board another flight by offering compensation, as well as ensuring the right to receive material assistance, as provided in Resolution No. 141/2010. If the passenger feels wronged, must first seek the airline contracted to claim their rights. If attempts to solve the problem by the company did not present a result, the user can forward the demand to ANAC, to consumer protection agencies and the judiciary.
The Agency has communication channels for receiving events over the Internet (Contact ANAC), 0800 725 4445 (which operates 24 hours, seven days a week, with service in Portuguese, English and Spanish) or the Centers Aviation Regional Civil (NURAC) located in the main airports. It is up to ANAC analyze each case and fining the company, if proven irregularities.

Operation Happy 2015 results

During Operation Happy 2015, which took place from 2014 to 10/12 7/01 2015, the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) has issued 28 notices of violation against airlines, a reduction of 47% compared with Operation Happy 2014. Of this total, 43% of assessments were motivated by the lack of information to the passenger.
The average delay exceeding 30 minutes during 7/01 to 10/12 2015 was 3.68%. Delays rates were the lowest recorded in this period in the last four years. The average rate of cancellation for the 29 days of operation was 12.4%.

Operation New Year – Airports included:

• Galeão and Santos Dumont – Rio de Janeiro / RJ
• Congonhas and Guarulhos – São Paulo / SP
• Viracopos – Campinas / SP
• Brasília – Federal District
• Confins – Belo Horizonte / MG
• Curitiba – Pinhais / PR
• Porto Alegre – Porto Alegre / RS
• Salvador – Salvador / BA
• Fortaleza – Fortaleza / CE
• Recife – Pernambuco / PE

Source: ANAC Communications Department